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Lifetyle Home Realty believes in giving each and every customer the celebrity treatment.  We do things a bit differently than most realtors.

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Looking to buy your dream home?  Lifestyle Home Realty uses a unique method to insure that you get exactly what you're looking for.

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Ready to list your home? We offer three different packages you can choose from.

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Kevin signing

"Barb is the kind of realtor you want, nay NEED to employ when purchasing a house. She can be assured

that any potential house hunters we hear about will be sent her way. EVERYONE needs to experience

Barb's brand of professionalism." 

- Kevin & Amy

nate wright

"We lived in San Diego with a family of 6 and purchased a home in Douglas County that we had never seen in-person. Therefore, we relied heavily on Barb’s extensive knowledge of the area and its real estate market. We knew what we wanted for our family, but Barb knew what we needed. She is a great communicator, managed every aspect of the transaction, and I could always get a hold of her.

Sometimes you have to trust others, and we are glad we trusted Barb Findlay!"

- Nate & Annadee Wright 

Jewell Johnson

Jewell Johnson

I was so fortunate to find Barb Findlay with Lifestyle Home Realty!  She really made the process of selling my home a more pleasant  experience.  From our first meeting she helped to put my mind at ease.  She communicated clearly about seller's responsibilities and kept me informed by answering any questions I had along the way.  The best part......my home was sold in a few short weeks!  I am a happy ex-home owner and would highly recommend her services!

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